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Yunnan Foto Tour (2)

Dates Yunnan Foto Tour (2)

Tour Dates from 10.03.2018  to 31.03.2018  -  3 places left

+++ Achtung ! Tour Seidenstrasse oder Ladakh noch bis 31.12.2017 buchen und 90 € sparen +++( gilt nur bei erreichen der Mindestteilnehmerzahl )

+++ Peking Extra / Programm HIER +++ nach der Yunnan (2) Reise : erleben Sie die Hauptstadt des Reiches der Mitte auf individuellen Wegen. Das sorgsam recherchierte Programm bringt Sie zu den Highlights der Stadt sowie zu einem äußerst ruhigen und authentischen Teilstückes der berühmten "Grossen Mauer" abseits der Touristenströme. Ihr Reiseleiter Team Frau Haiqi Liao und Thomas Böhm freuen sich darauf Ihnen Peking mit all seinen verschiedenen Facetten zu zeigen

Von Fotografen

Die Auswahl der Locations und Unterkünfte zeigte uns die Kenntnis unserer beiden Reiseleiter von Land, Natur und Bevölkerung. Die Betreuung war so individuell auf uns abgestimmt, daß jeder sich rundherum wohl fühlen konnte. Fotografen und Nichtfotografen genossen die Landschaft zwar mit unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln, aber mit den gleichen Emotionen....
Kerstin und Birger Pfeifer, Ilmenau
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Beispielfoto Yunnan Foto Tour (2)Beispielfoto Yunnan Foto Tour (2)

Tour Description Yunnan Foto Tour (2)

  • Yunnan, called "the province of eternal spring" because of its mild climate throughout the year
  • Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • The Old Town of Lijiang (a UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • The Rice Terraces of Ying Yang (a UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge  (a UNESCO World Heritage site) one of  the deepest gorges in the world
  • Dali with its 3 unique pagodas and its huge Buddhist temple
  • Biggest Happy Buddha statue in Mile
  • The opportunity to experience an authentic Chinese tea ceremony
  • World famous Chinese cuisine and much more    

This is a Tour designed from Photographers for Photographers. Yunnan is for most people the most beautiful and scenic province in China. It hosts the most ethnic groups and has the most cultural diversity. This multiplicity of cultures has endowed the province with a rich heritage that it shares with all who come to visit. There is always something wonderful to see and do here. The tour is well balanced in order to give you an insightful view to all the important and most famous sites of this province, as well as the hidden unknown places along the way. Yunnan Province has pleasant weather all year round and is endlessly fascinating. It will be a tour of a lifetime. We are a German / Chinese couple who have worked as Photographers and Tour Guides for many years. Liao Yan, "Haiqi" is a Yunnan born Photographer and Journalist. Thomas Boehm is a Photographer and Tour Guide for China and Ladakh / India. When not traveling we both live in Lijiang, Yunnan Province / China.

Information Yunnan Foto Tour (2)

Yunnan is a province in southwestern China with a varied landscape encompassing snow-capped mountains, rice terraces, lakes and deep gorges. The region is known for its large number of ethnic minorities. Modern Kunming, known as the “Spring City,” has many museums and temples, including colorful Yuantong Temple. To the southeast, Shilin Stone Forest contains limestone karst peaks formed 270 million years ago.This and many other facts make this a prime destination for photographers in China.

Tour Itinarary Yunnan Foto Tour (2)


International Flight to Kunming / Yunnan Province, China.


First group meeting in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province. Yunnan province has the nickname as “the province of eternal spring” since the climate is very moderate throughout the year. The elevation of Kunming is about 2000 m above sea level. It is never too cold or too hot. Depending on the time of arrival, first we will have a relaxing walk in Kunming and then a tasty dinner together. Night in 4**** star Hotel (-/-/D)


Flight from Kunming to Lijiang the habitat of the Naxi minority.Here we stay in a nicely decorated family run guesthouse. Build in the old traditional wooden Naxi style. In the afternoon we have a first chance to walk through the busy old town with its many shops,restaurants and guesthouses.(B/L/D)
Night in Guesthouse


Early in the morning we will get picked up for our ride to Bai Shui Tai.Here at the end of the tiger leaping gorge we will have a relaxed afternoon walk through that small town.Chat with the locals and might walk up to a holy spring surrounded by terasses buiold by mineral seddiment water cascades. Great spot to take some nice photos. Who wants can collect some water of the spring which is worshipped by the locals.(B/L/D) Night in Guesthouse


Today is the day of the local festival.There are a lot of different ethnic, tribal groups arriven from all over that mountain area.The bring chicken and roosters to eat, drink and dance near the spring.A outstanding experiance to be among those people who having always a great time here and celebrating until dusk. At least as impreisve as the dancers up there are the market people down at the town.Man and women are wearing their finest traditional dresses , a feast for your camera !At late afternoon we will drive to the end of the tiger leaping gorge.(B/L/D)Night in Hotel


Today it will get adventurous! A great hike will take us down all the way to the powerful rapids of the Yangtse river. The opportunities of stunning pictures are endless. Bring your tripod and all of your lenses. The air is filled with thunder like sounds and the waves and rapids are beyond all your imagination. We will go back straight upward using"stairway to heaven" like ladders.(B/Snack/D)Night in Hotel

After breakfast we will take the local bus to Lijiang. (250 km) Lijiang is a UNESCO World – Heritage Site and a must to visit when you are in Yunnan province. In the afternoon we will walk together through the busy and winding alleys of the beautiful old town. Lijiang is home of the Naxi minority and so is our Guesthouse built in their old traditional original style. (B/L/D) Night in Guesthouse.



We have all day today for Lijiang. For anyone interested, this will be a good opportunity to get up early and explore the still empty and quite alleys of the old town. The cobble stone roads and the wooden buildings of the old town are inspiring and are often photographed. The history of Lijiang goes back to the year 476 before Christ and developed into one of the most important places at that time. The ancient tea trading route from Beijing to India went through here. We can also visit a traditional paper made by hand workshop of the Dongba minority and visit a traditional Chinese tea ceremony If the weather is clear we might go to the Black Dragon Park where the 5596m high Jade – Dragon Summit is reflecting in a picturesque lake. Together with an old stone bridge and a Chinese pavilion it makes for a fantastic shot.(B/L/D) Night in Guesthouse.


10 Day



After a relaxed, tasty breakfast we will drive with our rented bicycles to the shore of Dali’s big lake. Here we will see a lot of agriculture and many old houses. There is plenty of time to stop and take pictures before we will have a nice lunch at a small garden restaurant near the lake. With a size of more than 250 km² it is China's second largest highland lake. During the afternoon back in Dali we will have one more chance to walk around this town before we will meet in our guesthouse. Here we organize a little cooking class. Together with our landlord and it’s family we will cook some tasty Chinese food – everyone will have a chance to spend that evening with them. Here you have a first-hand chance to ask questions and feel their hospitality.(B/L/D) Night in Guesthouse.





17. Day



20. Day



Yunnan Foto Tour (2) Service includes:

  • All transport incl.Taxi, Bus, Jeep, Mini Bus / Van
  • All mentioned food (B = Breakfast , L = Lunch , D = Dinner)
  • All non alcohol drinks
  • All entrance tickets / permits in China
  • Rented Bicycles
  • 04 Nights in 4 **** Hotel
  • 02 Nights in 3 ***   Hotel
  • 04 Nights in Hotel
  • 11 Nights in Guesthouse
  • 01 Nights overnight train sleeper 1st class
  • min.  04 persons
  • max. 10 persons
  • Price: 3370 €
  • Guide's: Haiqi Liao and Thomas Boehm

Yunnan Foto Tour (2) Service excludes:

  • international airfare to and from Kunming
  • Single room : 390 € extra
  • alcohol and personal snacks
  • international travel health insurance
  • personal expenses
  • Visa for China
  • Tipp

Tour Booking

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